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Hello World!!!

We never have enough of Hello Worlds I guess. Right from BASIC, C, C++ the first program that we write is “To Print Hello World” and Word Press is no exception!!!

Nevertheless, let me start the blog by putting in an article about one of my favourite things.

The Autobiography of Spectacles!

Inter-caste marriages are the latest fad around but people don’t realize that children have to feel the wrath of it. I am one among those, product of my father Mr. Coppy (Copper Frame) and my mother Ms. Pinky (Pink Frame). Hello there, I am Copin! My birth was celebrated pompously as I was unique. I was neither Copper in color nor Pink; I was a mixture and I took pride in it, initially! I was put into the best case and the shopkeepers showed me first to the customers. But I dint have any takers. Everyone was hesitant or rather skeptical to try me on. I lay all alone bidding farewell to my cousins Steely, Goldy and Blacky. Even my physically challenged cousins Half-Rim and Rim-less impressed people; I couldn’t, even with my bright, cheerful smile.

I had become old. One fine day came along a girl. She liked me instantly and bought me. Those were my happiest days. She put on her Sunday dress, wiped me spic and span and showed me off to her friends. I was received with mixed reactions but she preferred to keep only the compliments! She always reassured me that she loved me and I was the best. She always put me to sleep in my cozy little box every night. Initial days of excitement and fun died and life was usual again. As days passed I had to sleep in a variety of places including the study table, the bed-post, the refrigerator’s stabilizer, the floor and in the worst case, on top of the flush tank! My situation worsened as her exams approached. I had spent many a night atop her nose while she dozed off studying. Occasionally if her parents get to see us (me and the book in her hand), they would put us back in our cases. These were once in a blue moon events though.

Then this happened. Tragedy. I am still unable to believe that I live to tell the tale. She was over speeding in her vehicle, it skid in the sand and so did she with it. There was blood all over face and mine. The vehicle and I suffered multiple injuries and my right limb was severed. I lost hope of life.  The pain and agony was unbearable. But she loved me; she cared for me. She cello-taped me and then welded me back to health. Yet I was crippled. I was delicate. I lay limp on her nose. I knew I was of no use anymore but she dint give up hope. She always told her friends that I was still doing great and we both knew it wasn’t true. With a heavy heart she got a new pair of spectacles and put me to sleep in my good old box. That was the last I saw of her. I relive the exciting moments of my life and the last words she uttered –

“You were and are the best one I have ever had! You shall always remain with me as a Spare!”


5 responses to “Hello World!!!

  1. Ashok July 4, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Really AWESOME and diff idea… 🙂


  2. rdiwakar July 22, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    u cello taped ur old specs? get over it! uggh! sentiments! emotional attachments make u weak! buddha said so. he said” dude! give up ur stuff! if one breaks u can get another one! do not get attached to materials!”
    Who da man? buddha is the man!
    and if ur specs are broken give it to titan eye plus! dey give it to charity! atleast dats wat dey say!


    • Pavithra K Bhat July 22, 2010 at 10:01 pm

      Lol, that was intended pun yaa.. Think from the perspective of the glasses.. Say you get hurt or disabled, wont you feel good if someone takes care of you?! that’s what the spectacle feels!! And yeah, till i got the new pair I used the cello-taped glasses!! 😛


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