Drain Bamaged!!

Inspired from Life, Love & Laughter

IT Byte!!!

Fresh out of college and new into the IT job, we were all exposed to jargons like tax exemptions, reimbursements, travel allowances etc.  We learnt that the company’s benefit came in different forms to us. But we friends decided that, this apart, we too will be sensible in handling money and will not be spend-thrifts.

Following this, we devised something called CCM– Cost Cutting Measures which included small adjustments in various aspects of one’s life style so as to bring about SAVINGS. Everyone accepted the policy whole-heartedly.

On the evening of this Policy Framing Day, I said “Snack time friends!!!” My friend replied, “Hey remember CCM, no evening snacks henceforth”. I said, “Listen, all CCM crap is fine but you shouldn’t save money keeping your health at stake lest you will have to spend this savings in the hospital”. Pat came his reply, “That at least has Medical Reimbursements!!!


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