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The Illness Chronicle!!

Many a times we would have gone through this scenario – we fall sick/meet with an accident, bunk School/College/Work for a couple of days and rejoin with bandages or a pale face. Everyone (people we know and don’t know) is interested in knowing what happened to us. We go through the process if repeating the details meticulously to each and every person and by the end of the day – Halat Karab!! We regret rejoining and feel it is better we hang a board around our neck saying, “Guys I am fine, just a few scratches!!” As for me, if I miss even a small detail while repeating the chronicle I feel it is injustice to that point I have suffered! And imagine having Mouth Ulcers due to the medicines you have had and you have to mime every single detail to everyone! Phew!!! That’s what triggered me to write this out; an e-mail that I had sent out to office folks when I skipped office due to illness just before New Year 2010. And why all of a sudden I am posting this in the blog??!! – ‘Cause I have Mouth Ulcers now and what better time to post it??!!

Everyone is has these Questions – How are you? How was the New Year?!

For folks who are extremely busy – I was sick all thro’ the 5 days. Spent the New Year mute because of ulcers in my tongue. Now I am catching on!!

For folks who do have some spare time – Here goes my chronicle 😉

Tuesday – Evening I noticed red rashes all over my body. One couldn’t call it rashes though, neither were they bulgy nor itchy. Just red spots. Evening, I started developing fever and back ache. Walking also required so much effort from me. God knows how I reached home safe that night!

Wednesday – I went to the Doctor. He couldn’t diagnose the disease because he told it is usually the body pain and the fever first and the rashes next. Mine was vice versa. So he gave tablets for a couple of days and told let’s see. I took the day off from office.

Thursday – Fever had completely subsided but tiredness and back ache was there. The spots too persisted. My Onsite TL called me up and told me to take leave today too as my tasks for the week was done. So I stayed at home again.

Friday – I was through with everything but the effect of the tablets brought ulcers all over the right side of my tongue. Being New Year, the Doctor’s clinic was closed. So endured the pain, survived on liquid food and spent the New Year mute! At home my parents and sister were playing with me. I would mime something and they had to get it right. My sister hit the Bingo mostly!!

Saturday – I developed fever again and severe headache with ankle joint pain. Red spots persisted. Now the Doctor diagnosed (finally!) it as a type of Chikungunya. I was given more medicines and advised rest and liquid diet. I had booked tickets for matinée show, 3 idiots with friends but was not in a position to budge from my place. So gave my ticket to another friend of mine and I stayed home!

Sunday – No improvement with the state of my tongue or the rashes. Enhanced my miming capabilities all through the day and pass time or rather only thing I got to do was to play Dumb-C!

Monday – I am here in office!! Life is good, as usual except that I am mute!!

So I guess my New Year’s untold resolution was keeping quiet! Hope I am less talkative at least this year for the well-being of all people around me!!

Happy New Year! 🙂


4 responses to “The Illness Chronicle!!

  1. Ashok July 4, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Good one 🙂


  2. Suganyaa July 5, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    great going madam….

    good and as usual your story goes on on on….


  3. Kirithiga July 12, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Good resolution to be mute on new year but so sad for u dear…. Nice work by you 🙂


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