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In Search Of Humanity!

In this ever-changing world with mankind taking giant leaps in all walks of life, I feel that we are witnessing poverty amongst plenty. With the advancement in technology we are able to communicate with any person on the other end of the globe but we hesitate to even smile at our neighbour. We have big houses but the joint family system is vanishing. This was beautifully put by my teacher, she asked us the definition of a millisecond and we all gave out various answers. She simply nodded and said “It is the interval between the Green Signal and the first horn sound!”.

We all have studied ‘Value Education’ as a compulsory subject in school but how many of us have considered it seriously?? In the exam when we were asked to list out the good deeds of the week, we instantly write, “I helped an elderly person or a visually challenged person to cross the road” but in reality how many of us follow this? Do we follow all the moral/ethical values all through our day at school/college/workplace? While in interviews, one common scenario that is put forth is this – “You are on the way to a very important exam/interview. On the way you see that a person has met with an accident and no one is helping him out. What will you do? If you are going to stop and help him you miss out your exam/interview.” What is our response? We spontaneously say,” I will definitely help that person in some way. I will give priority to the person in need. I will be a good Samaritan.” What happens to this spontaneity when it comes to real life situations… All gone with the wind.

I have felt the wrath of this human nature. One fine day, morning 8 a.m., I was on my way back home after dropping my sister in college. God knows how it all occurred together, I was over speeding, so was a young chap ahead of me, he applied sudden brakes, I followed suit, the road was pot-holed, my vehicle skid for a few yards and me along with it and fell onto the road. The right side of my face was bleeding and I was crying out for help. All the passers-by looked down anxiously and carried on. No one bothered to see what my state was. Then a good-hearted lady(I believe that she was God in human form) came by and she started asking for help. A driver stopped his Ambassador car and said, “Let us take her home.” They parked my vehicle in an office nearby and helped me onto the car. I told them my house address and they dropped me home, which was 5 minutes drive from the spot. The driver came in and demanded Rs.200 from my mother for the timely help he made. My mother obliged and there is nothing wrong in his action, he deserves it. That lady was weeping seeing my state; she felt so very bad from hearts. She didn’t even accept the money my mother gave; my mother thrust some money into her hand and told it is the auto charge for your way back to office. She thanked and she left.  Just because of these two people’s humane nature I am in a proper shape now. All my sutures have healed and am back to normal.

Such people among human beings, people with humanity, people who follow their heart and conscience, is what we lack in this world. When we ourselves lack the most important ingredient of a good personality how are we going to take up the responsibility of building up a strong and thoughtful generation ahead of us? So many queries are unanswered and so many qualities are lacking.  So what is that we have got to do to bring in this thought revolution? We should try to inculcate good behaviour and ethical character for us to be examples for the coming generation. Let us not leave this world in this pathetic state. Let us join hands and as Micheal Jackson has told, “Heal the World, Make it a better place for you and for me and for the entire Human Race”. And I am sure that the lady who helped me (I don’t even know her name) will prove a great inspiration to all the people whose lives she has touched.


3 responses to “In Search Of Humanity!

  1. rdiwakar July 22, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    hey! gud thing u are doing here! spending ur free time in chronicling ur life ! but i am jus gonna give my point of view! wen i read sum stuff which u have hve written i get a feeling u go overboard with ur emotions ! it gets a bit too melodramatic! u can achieve the same effect with dark humor and neutral outlook! humor will always make stuff interesting! keep chetan bhagat in mind!cheers!


    • Pavithra K Bhat July 22, 2010 at 10:02 pm

      I don’t want to emulate anyone yaar; Chetan Bhagat makes a living out of his writing whereas my articles are, as you said, chronicles and thoughts that I want to pen down. They obviously would be Subjective and not Objective. What you feel as emotions I feel as a part of life! Nevertheless, I would try to bring in something in line with your suggested flavour in some post! Thanks! 🙂


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