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Vishuddhi’s First Milestone

Vishuddhi’s first significant milestone of awarding scholarships to students was reached on the 15th of August 2010. Here’s a brief on the event –  

Scholarship application forms were distributed to the XI and XII standard students of The Children’s Garden Hr. Sec. School. Eight deserving candidates were chosen from the higher secondary branch.  

August 15th was chosen as a Prayer Meeting will be conducted every year in the school and it would be a good platform to call out the kids in front and award them. The teachers were all very happy to see us (Sangeetha, Tulasi and me) and wanted us to give a two-minute talk about Vishuddhi. So the stage was all set, children and teachers ready and at the strike of 8 in the morning, the function started with Invocation. The prayer and the patriotism were so deep that it invoked the Rain God! It started drizzling! The big trees in the 73-year-old school could protect the children only for a while. The programmes (Speeches on Independence Day, Debates etc.) were rescheduled to the next day in the auditorium and it was decided that only the Prize Distribution would take place (There were some prizes to be awarded as part of the school programme). As the children collected the prizes under various categories, it got windy thereby stopping the rain. That was one of the few occasions in Chennai where the sun shines to bring smile on the lips of Chennaites.  

We were all happy that we would get some more time but it was short-lived. When there were 5 children left to collect the school prizes it started to rain again. So we dint have time to give a brief on Vishuddhi. I requested The Correspondent Chakku Akka and the HM Saraswathi Teacher to give away the Scholarships to the students. 6 students were given Rs.1000/- each and 2 were given Rs.900/- each. I presented a book to the school named “Holistic Education”. (The author of this book is the Income Tax Director in Chennai, one who works to abolish bribery and bring about all-round functional knowledge to children rather than just the theoretical knowledge.) We then quickly took a photograph with the students and took shelter in the classrooms. But it was a very fulfilling day to see the smiles on the faces of the kids and their promise to excel in their studies.  

Thanks guys for your contributions. Expecting your support in all the coming years.  

Scholarship Winners

With the Scholarship Winners


More Pictures : http://picasaweb.google.co.in/pavithra.kbhat/Vishuddhi#  

P.S: I don’t understand what’s the relationship of the Trust with the rain. When i went to the Registrar Office for Trust Registration amendment, it was the Laila day and i was a wet chicken. The next day was the Tax exemption case hearing and Chennai had knee-deep water! It rained this Sunday, 15th Aug, too!! Fishy!!!


4 responses to “Vishuddhi’s First Milestone

  1. rdiwakar August 18, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    naan ainooru roopaa collect panni koduthaen! en photova photoshop panniyavadhu paottrukkalaam la!


  2. Rama tagore October 6, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Impressed by your “kriyaseelatha” (dont know how to translate it in English ……Great going Madam


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