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Streaky Skidy Scooty !!

(P.S – [Pre.Script :P]  – I actually don’t remember when I wrote this out; fished it from my old pc and posted it! )

Scooty, First Love – This is how the vehicle was (is) advertised. And rightly so. It fascinates its owners but with no solid reason though! My White colour (yeah my MS Office default language is English UK)  10-year-old Scooty was one among them. Not great mileage, No great speed but yeah lots of fad and craze! Zooming off in the flyovers and Bend-Poduradhu in the street turnings/windings are my favourites (UK again!!)! My mother screams for the former and my sister for the latter! Nevertheless, one aspect of it is very bad – the vehicle skids, read it as always skids!

I would like to recount one adventure with my vehicle. I never have enough of this incident – Jee Nehi bhara!! I have included it in a 3rd person account (Autobiography of Spectacles) about it and have written a generic one (In Search of Humanity) too. Time for a first person account.

One fine day, morning 8 a.m. I went to drop my sister in college in Nungambakkam. The roads were void of traffic and I was over-speeding – the maximum a scooty can sustain! So was a guy ahead of me in a brand new Honda Activa. Aaah, overtaking is thrilling; I went on to overtake him. His ego hurt, in a couple of minutes he overtook me. It was my ego now. But due to the recent rains in Chennai, the road was pot-holed from there on and he applied the brakes all of a sudden. I had to follow suit else I would have hit his vehicle. The only difference in the outcome was that his vehicle slowed down and came out of the pot-holed road; mine skid along with me. I covered quite a distance, with the vehicle in a 90 degree position and my right side of the face rubbing against the road. The mistake was absolutely not on the vehicle but on me for throttling the vehicle to its maximum.

After that my memory fails me. I remember the details very vaguely. I guess I was crying for help for some time, then I was in a white ambassador, a lady was beside me – weeping, I reached home. Blurred images are what I can recollect.

My mother was alarmed to see me – Broken tooth, bloody face, dangling spectacles and a dazed look! The lady explained – I had fallen off near Gemini flyover with the vehicle on me and the helmet off my head. I was crying for help. But no one bothered. She then came and lifted me and cried for help. No response again. Then a person stopped his car, parked my scooty in the Income Tax Office nearby and brought me home. My house is at 5-8 minutes driving from the spot and I had told them the directions! But I don’t remember at all, strange! What more, sitting in the car I first called up my sister Suchi. This was the conversation (my sister recounted this)

“Such, any idea where I am?”

“Hey, what happened? Did you lose your way? Where are you?”

“That’s what even I want to know – where am I. Where are you?”

“Akka, you dropped me off in the college and you were on your way back home.”

“Oh is it? Ok I actually fell off my scooty and now someone is taking me home. Nugambakkam to Mylapore – I know the way. Thanks such”

“Hey wait wait, are you fine? Are you hurt?”

“I am absolutely fine, but I am worried about the vehicle, I don’t know where it is. There is a lady sitting beside me and weeping. I will reach home and call you, bye”

Suchi told me that I was speaking dazedly and the entire conversation was in Tulu. The next phone call was to Ashok. (I don’t remember this either)

“Ashok, are you free this morning?”

“Yeah, tell me”

“I met with an accident and am bleeding. I am on my way home. My mother will be shocked and sad so will you come with me to the hospital?”

“Hey, what are you saying? Are you serious? How are you coming? Where are you?”

“Don’t panic, I am alright. I am coming. You be there in my house, we will start immediately, bye”

Ashok then recounted that I was speaking very clearly as if I am planning an outing, not a hospital visit! He thought that I had sustained only minor scratches with the way I spoke! And that too, I spoke in English! Professionally!! Not in Tamil, the usual communication language between us!!!

I had fun listening to these 2 conversations being repeated to everyone by them!!

So back on track – After giving money to these 2 good-hearted people, my mother, Ashok and I rushed to the Royapettah Hospital. First I got the suturing done – a big one in the upper lip and a wee one in the chin. There was also a cut near the corner of the right eye but it dint need stitches. The doctor was worried about my memory loss for a short period of time. So I was sent to the neurologist. CT SCAN was prescribed and the report said that my memory was intact and so were my nerves, it was just the shock which caused this memory loss!

It was beyond lunch time and we sent my mother home as my sister dint have the house keys and my mother hadn’t eaten anything since morning. Entrusting me with Ashok she left.

We then consulted the dentist as the tooth was missing and the ENT Specialist as the right eye was completely red. Both confirmed that there are no internal injuries whatsoever! I had sustained only external facial injuries and a few scratches in the right leg and they would heel in a couple of weeks.

I came back home that evening fit as a fiddle but I was unable to speak because of the stitches. So what did I do immediately after coming home??? Wrote the entire episode in a piece of paper (that is just a form of a sentence, it wasn’t a piece of paper literally ;)) and for almost the next 7-10 days, I just thrust that paper to anyone who came to visit me. I wasn’t able to open my mouth. Food was converted into a liquid and sent in through a straw! But excitement tempted me to explain about the incident to the visitors in a way I could but was always cut short – “Heaven’s sake, can’t you keep your mouth shut at all?” everyone used to yell, including the visitors; I used to acknowledge with a lopsided smile, if one could call it a smile – a swollen face with white bandages and a broken tooth!! But Gosh, it is wonderful to annoy people!!

But at the end of the day, as my Team Lead, Kishore, always tells me, Lessons Learnt is what that counts:

  1. Speed Thrills but Kills!
  2. Helmet saved my head; if not for it the injuries would have been severe. Always wear a full helmet; mine was a head cum visor one. Had I put on a full one, I might have escaped unhurt.
  3. Belief in the Universe – Even the doctors were amazed and bewildered to know that I dint suffer any internal injury. They said – God Saved You! Also, my sister dint have a mobile then. She took my mother’s mobile with her that day as she had to co-ordinate the college culturals. And when I go to drop her, I don’t take the mobile either. That day, I took the mobile for ‘Just in Case’. The lady and the driver too were sent to help. The jigsaw was completed, the most astonishing way!  🙂

2 responses to “Streaky Skidy Scooty !!

  1. Hooztan May 8, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Wow….nice screenplay….I felt the story happening in fromt of me while reading


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