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A Day in the Life of my Friend…

Om Thamannaya Namaha!!

That’s how our guy wakes up every morning, if you can call that morning, the clock shows 11:48 a.m. Anti meridian nevertheless!

And no, he is not the usual knuckle head who goes ga-ga over heroines and models but with pure intentions – His fiancé resembles Thamannah. Now you got him wrong there, dint you! But isn’t it interesting, the guy is committed! Ask him how many times he has met her, for how many hours he speaks to her everyday (rather every night), which is his favourite meeting spot? No answers! For he has never even spoken to her for more than five minutes. Conservative family from which he hails doesn’t allow him to hang around with her before marriage. So he lives in his dreams and flies in imagination!

So where was I? Yeah, he just got up and his rugged day started. His parents were talking about dropping of the alliance and looking out for some other girl. The hero just got onto his nerves and fought. By the time he was done with it was 12:30 p.m. and he rushed to put on his clothes to go to office. What about bathing you ask? Be thankful that he brushed his teeth.

Also, it was a day after a major festival in his place and he took a box full of sweets which his mother had meticulously packed along with him. When he almost reached office he remembered that he isn’t left with much fuel in his bike petrol tank and he diverted into the nearest Petrol Bunk and filled fuel for 300 bucks. You haven’t seen his wallet right? The limited edition Harley Davidson Biker’s collection one with all those metal chains and zipper. Funky, he proclaims.

What’s the point though, when opened it he realized that he had no money. Big deal?? Withdraw from the ATM or swipe the card. But what if your show off purse doesn’t even have that? Big Deal again, you just have to face some filthy looks from the Petrol Bunk attendant but you can always call up some friend and ask him to get the money right. So our guy took out his phone and dialed his friend’s number. “You don’t have enough balance to make a call” said a sweet voice on the phone. Reacting immediately, the guy asked the attendant if he can use his phone to make a call. Filthier look. Finally he connected with his friend and his friend came to his rescue immediately.

Both of them came to office laughing at themselves. But little did they know that it is not the end of the story. The name of the purse suggests the guy is a Bike Freak. Imagine the amount of air he will throw when he rides it. But he doesn’t stop there, he is stylish when he gets off the bike and parks it too. But that day being a rugged one for him, this style of his lead to a tear in his trousers!! Oops. What now? Friend in need is a friend in deed. But he is no where in sight. He has already gone into the office. Now there is no one around to borrow a cell phone. So the hero tucked his shirt out and slowly walked into the building – The way in which Tamil Actor Sivaji Ganesan used to walk; his signature style in many movies!! He managed to reach his friend and they were again out of the office to a nearby Garment Showroom. As luck would have it, there were no trousers which were less than 1000 bucks. He was shocked that day to find that his waistline had increased by an alarming 2 inches! At last they picked up one costing Rs.1200 and there he tried it on. The waist was perfect but was lengthy. That precise day the tailor in the shop was on a PTO. So he folded the trousers to reach his shoes and walked back into the office thanking his friend profusely.

Now it was time for the security check of the boxes he brought. Remember the previous day was EID and he has brought sweets?? The guard opened the box. It in turn contained numerous smaller boxes. Boy, guards take so much precaution, he hasn’t brought in bombs, they are just sweets!! But then duty is first. So no complaints.

His project work was no good either; errors, warnings, emails. He had to slog till 12 midnight when finally he decided to leave for the day. Looking back on the day he cheered himself up by acknowledging that he got a branded, good pair of trousers. After 15 minutes he would realize that this cheer would also be short lived for it had rained the entire day and roads were murky and water-stagnant. He sped in his bike and a splash of dirty water ruined his branded, brand new trousers.

Looking back, he has nothing to say but to laugh out heartily, laugh all the way back home!! 🙂


Hero: Samyee

Heroine: Sameema

Hero’s Friend: Pratap


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