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Loads of Likes!

– Inspired and greatly humbled by the number of ‘Likes’ on a few of my pictures in Facebook lately.

A quick handy list of tips for making your picture get loads of Likes by creating Good Looking Illusion !
The list is not exhaustive, we can add more points to it, these are just the techniques that have been employed in my pictures !

Prop: An over-sized pair of Coolers / Sun Glasses
Use: Covers the Eyes, non-threaded Eyebrows and most importantly Dark Circles!
Other advantages: Creates a cool look. Avoids Picture retakes because of closed eyes.
This is especially for my roomie Suria. For 1 picture, we don’t have to take 5 shots anymore. 😉
Alerrrrt: Don’t keep them on at nights and at dark places, that’s uncool.
Secret Tip: People with power glasses, you can get custom-made power-sun glasses at any optical ! Aahhh, now you know how I can see without my spectacles!

Prop: Open Hair
Use: Covers unclean ears. No need to hunt for a matching pair of earrings to go with the dress.
Other advantages: People who are bad at tying their hair can take cue !

Prop: Hang out with people who can click great pics and from different angles
Use: Angles cover flaws easily and the beauty of the angle will be mistaken as the person’s beauty.
Other advantages: A lot of good pics to choose from as they don’t get tired of clicking.

Prop: Smile – Better if genuine , can manage with a fake one.
Use: Universally accepted means as the way to the heart !
Alerrrrrt: Avoid grinning if forgotten to brush your teeth. 😡

Prop: Super Smart Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Friend
Use: People will think you look great too because of the other person (in my case Thanks, Mj 😀 )
Other advantages: Likes from the partner’s friends too.
Alerrrrrt: Don’t forget to tag them.
Secret Tip: If they don’t fall under the category, employ some of the tricks in the post on them too !

Prop: Sepia or Grayscale tone
Use: Covers sweaty look. Covers bad makeup. Covers flashy coloured clothes. Vintage effect.
Alerrrrrt: Don’t overuse them.
Secret Tip: Personally, not a fan of Instagram effect but you can if you do !

Prop: Very Important – Lot of Lovely Friends who are super sweet to like all your pictures!
Use: The theme of this list – Loads of Likes
Other advantages: Endless and not in the scope of this write-up! 😀

Lo Behold ! Good Looking Illusion Created ! Happy Posing !


3 responses to “Loads of Likes!

  1. Mj Ashok May 31, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Jobless jack 😛


  2. suria June 1, 2013 at 12:11 am

    U should have told this when I was there only….anyways better late than never…..samayala than species pottu cover panra na partha everywhere cover up job than ah…..neengalam Nalla Varuvinga boss;);):)


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