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Feet, My Foot!

Off late this picture below has been doing rounds and I got it from a friend. 
I carefully scrutinised (Note the redundancy to state how careful the scrutiny was) the picture and replied, “What if someone’s foot doesn’t fall into any of these categories?”, to which the friend promptly replied, “How can that be? Every person born would have feet fitting into one or maybe two of these. I received it from a trusted source, so it has to be authentic”.
“Well, er.., excuse me, knock..knock..”, I wanted to retort but refrained.
Now, again I studied my feet and deduced the following:
1. I wasn’t born withe these feet – No, that ain’t possible. There hasn’t been any accident that changed the features of my feet.
2. I haven’t evolved from my ancestor into a Homo Sapien – Not possible again, apes have nice long toes and have only gap between 2 of their toes.
So the best conclusion seems to be –
3. A soul of a webbed footed animal or bird(a duck seems to be a good fit), by way of its very bad karma, got into my mother’s womb to be born as a dreaded human being! What sin did you commit you poor duckie to become me?!
And yes, this seems to be logical: The cartoon character that fascinated me first as a kid was (and still does) Donald Duck. It’s in my blood you see 😉
P.S 1: If you are wondering about the skin in between the toes of a webbed foot, I shed it as I grew.
P.S 2: If you’re wondering why the 2 aren’t identical, (left has more gaps than the right) well, the duckie was perhaps a hybrid (or had naughty parents of a duck and a swan!) or it was, Oh Yes, The Ugly Duckling!
Woohoo, I prefer the latter, I had a very popular previous birth, Yipee! (You must have read the Ugly Duckling in kindergarten for sure!)
P.S 3: Nail paint courtesy – Sissy Such !

2 responses to “Feet, My Foot!

  1. charu January 23, 2014 at 5:27 am

    Hi Duckie…… nice one!!!


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