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Trip to my Native!

1. Summer Vacation Fun

Drawing water from the well,
Listening to the Bull’s tinkering bell.
Drinking Cow’s thick, tasty milk,
Feeling the grass, as smooth as silk.
Climbing trees with invariable cuts and bruise
Peddling in the streamlet as if it is a cruise.
Yelling in the hill-top, Swaying in the wind,
Elders calling on to us, “Are you out of your mind?”
Cooking with logs and firewood,
Nostalgia hits me, Reliving my childhood!

2. Rainy Season

Rain lashed mud roads,
Creaking crickets, Croaking toads,
Ferocious sea, Gurgling river,
Even with a hot cup of tea, I shiver!
Land of beaches, plateau and plain
Paddy crops sway in the terrain,
Singing cuckoos, Dancing peacocks,
It rains in intervals round the clock!
Looking around what is to be seen?
Order of the day is Green,
Of the four seasons, come what may,
Rains are always joyous and gay!

3. Holiday with Cousins.

I jump in the streamlet, I roam in the sun.
I play with my 3 & 7-year-old cousins.
The grass cuts my legs, thorns prick my feet,
But I forget everything as I hear the parrots tweet.
With them I am a child again, laughing & yelling,
All through the short holiday, singing & enjoying.
It’s like Magic, Lo’ Behold,
My granny’s place brings in Joys untold!

An Old Man’s Plight

In Silence He Sat,

Dry Bread He Ate;

Blank Looks He had,

No, don’t call him mad.

He was once the Best in town,

Now in the city, he looks like a clown,

For he has nowhere to go

Life is down, morale is low.

Grand children stay far and away,

Between his children’s houses he had to sway.

Station’s name he cannot read,

Co-passengers help in what he needs.

Quietness has become his virtue,

Buzzing activities in the city are few;

No, he doesn’t mean the pubs, clubs and jest,

But the age-old rituals, pomp and fest.

He says “Those were the days where Life was a grace

Now are the days where TV wins the race”

The weird world he has to chew and digest,

With no option, he has to live his rest.

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