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Vishuddhi 2018

Yet another gratifying day of the year when I get the opportunity to meet and provide some help to a handful of students. 37 Students from The Children’s Garden Higher Secondary School, between classes 6 and 12, received educational scholarships of Rs.2000 each through Vishuddhi on the 20th of November 2018 due to the contributions of, the ever supportive Rohit Patnekar and Family, and my friends (Prasanth, Divya, N Crew, E Crew, Akhila, Sonam). Thank you, people!

Vishuddhi 2016 & 2017

With immense support from the Patnekars, Sonal Matai and family, and a friend Rajkumar Chandru, Vishuddhi helped 35 students in 2017 by awarding them scholarships of Rs.2000 each.

MRC Nagar Corporation School also received a sum of Rs.10000 as part of Teach for India initiative to help improve extra-curricular activities.

In 2016, again with their support, the below beneficiaries received monetary support.

Building fund for The Cuckoo Forest School – Rs. 10,000

Exam Kits for rural children – Rs. 10,000

Science Laboratory Renovation of the Children’s Garden Higher Secondary School – Rs. 25,000

No pictures but thank you, people ūüôā


Vishuddhi – Scholarships 2013

Vishuddhi reached out to 20 students this year in helping them pay a part of their school fee. The students were selected and awarded scholarships in the 1st week of September (This post comes in a little late!). Wishing the girls the best in Life and a great future!

Heartfelt Thanks to the contributors: Rohit Patnekar, Ganesh Kumar Jayabalan, Karan Karia, Mona Paul and Sampath Kumar Tatipamula.

And of course to my bestie Sangeetha for being there for me !



Vishuddhi: Scholarships 2011

August 15th 2011 – Along with the Independence Day celebration, Vishuddhi stepped into the 2nd year of Awarding Scholarships. This year it was 10 benefactors (Last year 8 students were selected for scholarship) out which 8 were from classes 11 and 12, 1 from class 6 (She was about to drop out of school due to lack of funds for education) and 1 UKG kid (His father committed suicide and his mother is a house-maid).

Thanks to Ravi Narayanan Sir for his support since the institution of Vishuddhi and to Rajkumar for sponsoring the Class 6 child with full fee. Thanks to my ex-Project Team The Hartford for the contribution (Prashanth had allocated a part for the Trust during the Feb 2011 CSR Drive). This time a gift was also included along with the Scholarship amount which constituted of stationery for the students. I am very happy and thankful to Nalini Teacher and Saraswathi Teacher for helping me identify the deserving students.

Though the students were not outstanding performers, it is their will to study overcoming all odds (Some don’t have fathers, one child’s dad is a drunkard, Children of house maids, etc.) that is to be appreciated and encouraged. Their warm smiles lit up my heart and I Hope and Pray that the number of benefactors should keep increasing with each passing year.

Could catch hold of only 3 out of 10 for the Picture!

Pictures in the following Link:  https://picasaweb.google.com/108284899645087357361/Vishuddhi#5651910293769002898

Vishuddhi: Contributions Welcome!

Hello folks,
Long time! So it has been a year since Vishuddhi gave away its first set of scholarships ans it is time for the next one. Request all those who are interested to contribute funds to the Trust and like last year , this year too we would give them away on the 15th of August.
Do join hands and help in a child’s education. All contributions are exempted from TAX under the Income Tax Act of India.
 Ways of contributing:
Cash :¬†Pls¬†hand them over to Sangeetha or Myself (or at my mum’s place¬†as I have relocated to Bangalore now)
Cheque: Drawn in favor of РVishuddhi Charitable Trust
Fund Transfer:
Name:Vishuddhi Charitable Trust
Bank: Indian Bank
Acc No and IFSC Code : On Request
Receipts would be given in the name that you want as hard or soft copy. For any further clarifications pls contact me.
Details of events that took place till now:
I have not made entry for the orphanage and old-age home drive that we undertook. We collected clothes, books, bags, stationery, food items, etc. and donated it to Annai Illam in Chennai Рa oldage home plus an orphanage in March this year. Tulasi was the one who contributed maximum for this drive. Thanks Tulasi!

Vishuddhi: A Fund Raiser

Event : Karavali Utsav 2011 (Karavali = Coastal)

Date : 26th Jan 2011

Venue: Karnataka Sangha, Habibullah Road, Chennai

In Store: Food, Accessories, Games, Clothes, Fitness Stalls.

Vishuddhi’s Role:                      Put up a Food Stall. Proceeds to Vishuddhi.

Menu:                           Jackfruit-Banana Idly, Sundal, Pani Poori, Pop Corn

Master Chef:                 My Mother

Assistant Chef:             My Sister

Marketing:                    Myself

Response:                      Very receptive crowd.

Monetary Outcome:    Made Rs. 400 profit

Fun Factor:                   Great Fun and School Food Fair kind of experience!

More Pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/pavithra.kbhat/Vishuddhi#5573253342107428850

Vishuddhi’s First Milestone

Vishuddhi‚Äôs first significant milestone of awarding scholarships to students was reached on the 15th of August 2010. Here‚Äôs a brief on the event ‚Äst¬†

Scholarship application forms were distributed to the XI and XII standard students of The Children’s Garden Hr. Sec. School. Eight deserving candidates were chosen from the higher secondary branch.  

August 15th was chosen as a Prayer Meeting will be conducted every year in the school and it would be a good platform to call out the kids in front and award them. The teachers were all very happy to see us (Sangeetha, Tulasi and me) and wanted us to give a two-minute talk about Vishuddhi. So the stage was all set, children and teachers ready and at the strike of 8 in the morning, the function started with Invocation. The prayer and the patriotism were so deep that it invoked the Rain God! It started drizzling! The big trees in the 73-year-old school could protect the children only for a while. The programmes (Speeches on Independence Day, Debates etc.) were rescheduled to the next day in the auditorium and it was decided that only the Prize Distribution would take place (There were some prizes to be awarded as part of the school programme). As the children collected the prizes under various categories, it got windy thereby stopping the rain. That was one of the few occasions in Chennai where the sun shines to bring smile on the lips of Chennaites.  

We were all happy that we would get some more time but it was short-lived. When there were 5 children left to collect the school prizes it started to rain again. So we dint have time to give a brief on Vishuddhi. I requested The Correspondent Chakku¬†Akka and the HM Saraswathi Teacher to give away the Scholarships to the students. 6 students were given Rs.1000/- each and 2 were given Rs.900/- each. I presented a book to the school named ‚ÄúHolistic Education‚ÄĚ. (The author of this book is the Income Tax Director in Chennai, one who works to abolish bribery and bring about all-round functional knowledge to children rather than just the theoretical knowledge.) We then quickly took a photograph with the students and took shelter in the classrooms. But it was a very fulfilling day to see the smiles on the faces of the kids and their promise to excel in their studies.¬†¬†

Thanks guys for your contributions. Expecting your support in all the coming years.  

Scholarship Winners

With the Scholarship Winners


More Pictures : http://picasaweb.google.co.in/pavithra.kbhat/Vishuddhi#  

P.S: I don’t understand what’s the relationship of the Trust with the rain. When i¬†went to the Registrar Office for Trust Registration¬†amendment, it was the Laila¬†day and i was a wet chicken. The next day was the Tax exemption case hearing and Chennai had knee-deep water! It rained this Sunday, 15th Aug, too!! Fishy!!!


Vishuddhi LogoAs an old adage goes – ‚ÄúGive a man a fish, and you‚Äôll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you‚Äôve fed him for a lifetime.‚ÄĚ There‚Äôs an important life lesson in this simple statement which translates into ‚ÄúEducation is the most important thing you can give someone to better his circumstances.‚ÄĚ

Vishuddhi Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization which believes in making education available for all and primarily aims at providing educational scholarships to bright students and help them come up in the society through education.

The trustees are the alumni of The Children’s Garden Higher Secondary School. Students are selected based on their academic performances/their economic position. Every year the most deserving candidates will be provided with scholarships. As the first step the reach would be to the students of CGHS and as the Trust grows the operations would expand too.

If you would like to contribute to Vishuddhi and join us in our endeavor of brightening the future India, do get in touch with us – contactvishuddhi@gmail.com./pavithra.kbhat@gmail.com.

(80G TAX Exemption can be claimed for all the contributions under the Income Tax Act, 1961.)


Pavithra, Founder & Managing Trustee

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